• Chef Assia Kabous, Restaurant Libzar

    A generous woman who wants to share her passion
    with others.

  • restaurant marocaine marrakech

    A friendly and beautiful place,
    decorated in the Moroccan tradition.

  • restaurant marrakech

    Dishes for all tastes :
    salty, sweet, spicy,

  • cours de Moroccan cooking
    Cooking workshop

    For those who want to be sure to impress their guests.

  • cuisine traditionnelle marocaine
    A friendly place

    A beautiful Moroccan artisanal decoration, to open your appetite.

Restaurant LibzarMoroccan cuisine

The restaurant Libzar offers a Moroccan cooking between tradition and modernity, with a warm and intimate atmosphere

Moroccan Cooking Course Marrakech

Cooking workshop

Courses where your achievements turn you into leaders.

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Restaurant Libzar Marrakech

The Restaurant

Where to eat in Marrakech ?
At Libzar of course.

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Chef Libzar dishes at home Marrakech

The Chef

A generous woman wishing to share her passion.

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Our offersDishes that will surely exalt your taste buds.

Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu

Starting at 280 dhs
Cooking Classes

Cooking Classes

Starting at 500 dhs

A rich and deep cuisine, a range of flavors and spices, Local products cleverly orchestrated.

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